Advice for Female Backpackers


Here are some tips for female travelers before setting out on your next backpacking adventure:

Make sure that you have tampons, sanitary towels and other articles of hygiene that you need. They may not be available everywhere especially when you leave major cities behind. Consider getting discardable wash clothes for intimate hygiene if you are going places where hygiene may be problematic.


Use a sports bra when you travel on bumpy roads and rivers. Six hours on the back of a truck on bumpy roads is not what your breasts are longing for.

Attractive women with long blonde hair and shiny blue eyes (well not only them for that matter) get a lot of attention in some parts of the world. In fact, looking someone in their eyes may be regarded as flirting in some places. This may be a lot of fun for the first couple of days but it soon gets weary. Being approached and asked if you are married 32 times a day can be exhausting and drain your energy (which should be focused on all the positive aspects of travel).

Here is some advice for attractive women to avoid unwanted attention:

• Wear a fake wedding ring

• Claim that you are married to a big jealous wrestler

• Get a picture of a mean looking guy from the Internet and keep in your pocket, show it to your potential suitors and claim it is your husband

• Team up with a fellow male traveler

• Dye your hair (if blonde)

• Wear baggy clothes and avoid wearing make-up, make yourself unattractive

• Cut long hair or keep it under a hat