Backpacking – Killer Tips On What To Do When Things Go Wrong


Most backpacking trips will be uneventful in terms of problems and issues but a few things could still go wrong unfortunately. So if something does happen how can be prepare and deal with the unexpected?

When things go wrong it can slow you down and become really frustrating when it happens. Most of the time its very annoying as you don’t always know how to deal with the problem and remedy it. Here are a few tips to solve some of the potential problem that can occur.


Repairing a broken backpack A backpack can break in many ways whist you are out on your backpacking trip. No-one wants a broken backpack as it will severely hinder progress so fixing it is crucial. By using duct tape you can do a sturdy temporary repair that will get you going again or use wire to fix a broken strap.

Clogged poles For tents with hollow poles you run the risk of them getting clogged up with muck or dirt, making them heavier and messy to carry. Use a corkscrew to clean the dirt out or wire to poke up the poles. Even an old wire coat hanger will do.

Boot lace trouble We’ve all had boot laces that come undone all the time and it is really annoying. Always tie a double or triple knot in your laces to stop them coming undone. You could even try lacing the boot in a different way.

Thieving of food Little critters out in the wilderness are dying to seal your food so keep it in air tight containers. For larger foods, bag it up so nothing can smell it and get into it.