China Business Travel – a Global Sourcing Plan


China business travel can surely not be fruitful for you for many reasons such as knot being aware of China business culture. If you are wondering why you couldn’t cut a deal with import and export contract, which is your global sourcing plan, you need to look at the differences Chinese culture has from yours.

China business travel survey puts food & entertainment as the biggest expense head by executives out to evaluate china business potentials for import/export part of global sourcing. China business being the suddenly discovered mantra of the mighty MNCs new vistas are being discovered to replace global sourcing via import/export from China. China business offers invaluable possibilities to an assortment of businesses which triggered business travel exploring import and export opportunities.


While traveling and communicating with potential china business import and export partners, language may pose a barrier – which your hotel manager can help sort out by hiring an interpreter.

Before embarking upon your China business trip, contact travel agencies that are familiar with major cities. Relying on the global Lingua Franca may severely mar your global sourcing and import/export meetings. Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi’an are the main business cities to concentrate if you want to make any headway in your China business exploration.

So, ask for a guide with not just familiarity of the area your visit and fluency in communication but conversant in China business culture. Make sure your guide is certified by the China Travel Administration. If you are in luck, you may get a guide with good connections in import and export circles as well. China business hierarchy and addressing/reference are unlike the western.

The impact of skyrocketing import/export and global sourcing hasn’t changed the China business culture, so be prepared for traditional style of introductions and luncheons. Next, global sourcing is has transformed China business transactions with regards to import and export. No doubt, global sourcing manifests the forces of globalization in that the transformative forces can be easily tracked down to the rising thrust on import and export by china business and the government of PRC. So much so, import/export as a replacement to global sourcing is a hotly debated topic around China business circles, although practically global sourcing is not more than a set of strategies for economizing supply-chain and with it, import/export. China business travel is an equally sensitive issue like Global Sourcing is. So be advised ahead of your China business trip about these intricacies.