China Travel Guide


China Holiday is a country of dramatic landscapes and beautiful scenery. China has a history that is rich and diverse. A China tour is full of wonder and sacred images that are unparalleled. Many visitors come to China to see the infamous Great Wall each year. China’s sacred places have been the site of many religious pilgrimages. The Chinese culture is unmatched from the food to the arts.

Lijiang is situated on the Jinsha River. It is home to the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The beauty of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain has been shared on many postcards around the world. Lake Lugu offers visitors to China a chance to experience a serene environment that is secluded and magical. The quiet hustle of the marketplace gives visitors a view of life of different ethnic cultures within China.


The Summer Palace is located in Beijing. Originally known as the Garden of Clear Ripples, the palace has thousands of visitors each year. The gardens surrounding the Summrer Palace are well-known and considered to be a masterpiece. The Summer Palace also serves a recreational park for visitors to Beijing. Many visitors marvel at the ornate buildings that make up the palace.

The Forbidden City is another popular tourist attraction. The city has an extensive collection of artwork and artifacts that stand as a testimony to the Ming Dynasty. Now a museum, the Forbidden City was the seat of the Ming Dynasty.
The Forbidden City is currently undergoing a restoration project to bring the city back to its pre-1912 state. It is the world’s largest palace complex. Almost all of the rooftops of the palace are decorated in yellow tiles. Yellow was symbolic of the emperor.

Many visitors to China return on several occasions. The beauty of China is hard to escape for the average person.
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