Holidays in Europe: Awesome Group Activities

Holidays in Europe - Awesome Group Activities

Travelling as a group can either be the most fun, or the most stressful vacation of your life. A group of friends or family can always provide an awesome atmosphere full of fun and enjoyment, but it can also be a nightmare to organize. Trying to find a destination that offers activities that appeal to everybody in the group can be an ordeal, but there are several resorts all over Europe that are perfect possibilities to consider.


Group ski packages are rife and can mean that your adrenaline-filled ski holiday is entirely affordable. Spend the time as a group in a luxury chalet; hiring a high end chalet out between you can mean reasonable prices, particularly if there are a lot of you.

Holidays in Europe - Awesome Group Activities

The slopes offer runs to suit all competencies, so nobody will be left out. Those not willing or able to ski have a lot to fill their days too, including spas & wellness centers, shopping, ice skating or exploring the mountain tops using the gondola networks.


A popular activity during the warmer months, walking holiday deals mean that you can enjoy the activity at an affordable price. Destinations including Eastern Europe, Italy and Andorra are all suitably placed for perfect walking trails. Whether you wish to follow the easy routes or head off into rougher terrain, there are a whole host of places that suit. For those indifferent about walking, there’s plenty to explore as well, particularly around the Italian Lakes, for example.

Water sports

An excellent way to have fun as a group; whether it’s all enrolling in a tuition class for windsurfing or wakeboarding, taking to canoes on the lake or all hopping aboard a flotilla for a sailing route around the Ionian coast, there’s plenty of fun to be had on the waters and there’s every reason why it should be spent as a group.

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