Things to Know When Heading to Sydney, Australia

Things to Know When Heading to Sydney, Australia

Searching for deals on Sydney flights online is easier than you think with such websites as, Flight Centre, Skyscanner and Sydney Flights Accommodation. When you book a flight today, you have a lot of choices on which airline to fly with, it seems airlines pop up like fast food establishments these days and they’re all offering a better deal than the next company. So which one do you choose?

Things to Know When Heading to Sydney, Australia

Amongst other things when pondering on your visit to Australia, one sure thought will be Sydney harbour.

Decisions like these can’t be taken lightly if you are on a tight budget and absolutely must find that perfect deal on airfare to Sydney. Sydney is a city that is like no other in Australia, it has many truly beautiful buildings that make up its skyline, which is the largest in Australia.

Sydney’s Central Business District is Australia’s most important financial centre and contains many of Australia’s tallest skyscrapers, these include Governor Phillip Tower, named for New South Wales’ first governor Arthur Philip, the MLC Centre and the World Tower. This financial district is modelled after the city in London and is similar to lower Manhattan. But this is only one of Sydney’s districts.

It has a fantastic waterfront with a gorgeous harbour that has a wonderful Bridge that was completed and opened in 1932. The Harbour Bridge crosses from the Sydney CBD to the North Shore and makes for a stunning view of the harbour. One of the views you get is the architectural magnificence that is the Sydney Opera House. The opera house is not just one building, it’s a collection of many venues that ultimately make it one of the busiest venues in the performing arts world. Interestingly, Sydney has also been the location of many Bollywood film shoots.

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All this and more is why you want to book a flight to Sydney and getting the best deal on that flight is important, especially if you’re coming from Europe or the Americas. Flights to Australia are notoriously long, a day at least if coming from London, so you want to be sure that the deal you got on the airfare was the best you could get. Many airline companies are now offering low rates to compete with their rivals and sometimes going direct to Qantas, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways or Jetstar can result in a great deal that may not have been available on travel sites such as Expedia, Orbitz and Totally Australia.

Such is the demand for deals and discounts on international flights that more and more people are thinking and taking the plunge and heading down under to Sydney. In 2012, Sydney had over ten million international and domestic visitors, no doubt many of these visitors visited the many museums that Sydney has to offer, such as the Australian Museum, which tackles the subjects of natural history and anthropology, the Powerhouse Museum, which takes care of science, technology and design, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Australian National Maritime Museum. There are also the Royal Botanical Gardens, Luna Park and, of course, Darling Harbour and some 40 beaches that include the internationally renowned Bondi and Coogee.

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When you plan on visiting Sydney, you have to try some of the cuisine of Sydney. What Sydney is most famous for are Meat Pies. These pies contain vegetables such as diced carrots, potato and onion, beef, chicken or pork which is encased with a rich gravy in a flaky pastry. If you’re from Britain, you’ll already be familiar with these meat pies and their establishments such as Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, which has been serving classic pies since the 1930s and as a result is now a Sydney institution with 10 locations dotted around Sydney serving the classic “Harry’s Tiger” pie topped with gravy, mashed potato and mushy peas. All this just makes you want to step up your search for a great deal on airfare so you can be in Sydney in time for a pie and a schooner.