Tips to get Chinese Visa for Travel OR Business purposes in China


To ensure that you have your Chinese visa issued with as much ease as possible, we have compiled our Chinese visa tip page thus to ensure you can complete the form as accurately as possible. However, as a part of our ongoing Chinese visa service, we also do a full check on all the Chinese visa application forms before they go into the embassy. Please follow our tips regarding completing the form:


If the Chinese visa application is for a business visa:

* Ensure that you have either a government authorisation letter, or a letter of invitation from the company in China. Ensure you select the Chinese business visa option on the form.

* Dates: The Chinese visa form dates boxes are actually in an American format. Therefore, remember to write the dates in the format Month – Date – Year.

* Signatures: If you are completing your Chinese visa application form on behalf of someone else, then you must ensure that you actually sign the correct part at the bottom of the form, and print your name clearly as well.

* Visiting Tibet: If your intended travel includes Tibet – Do not state this on your Chinese visa application form. This will lead to complications regarding the application, and could delay it. This is more specific to section 2.3. The Chinese visa application form is for travelling around the Chinese provinces only. If you want to visit Tibet, then you must obtain a separate entry permit.

* Selection of days: – 2.4: Remember, that the Chinese visa will only allow a maximum of 31 days inside China on the standard tourist visa. Therefore remember this fact when writing in your dates. If it is over the 31 days, then the China visa office will delay the application until it has been duly corrected.

* Presentation: You can either print the Chinese visa application form from our website and complete it by hand or you can complete the electronic version with the typing fields – which can also be found on our website. It is recommended to use the latter suggestion because of better presentation and clarity for your Chinese visa form.

* Passport size photograph: Ensure that your passport size photograph is of good size, and is a recent image of you. The photo you select for your Chinese visa application must resemble clearly the picture of your inside your passport.